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St. Paul’s and Those in Need

Hello – One sweet note that still runs strong throughout the American Holiday Season is the impulse to reach out to those in need. Here are four glimpses into how St. Paul’s has done and is doing just that: • Check out the great picture on our Facebook page ( of the big crew that […]

Stay Safe and Dry!

Hello – First, letting you know that you’ll all be in my prayers tomorrow as the storm hits. We can be there for each other as needs arise. We are among those you can call if you are afraid or alone. (415 456 4842) Also, I wanted to be sure everyone knew that we’re going […]

Planting Seeds for 2015 (2 of 2)

Hello – As promised, here’s the second of the two emails. Like the last one, this consists of a list of things that you can expect coming up at St. Paul’s. What I hope to convey is that after the first of the year we’ll be shifting our attention a bit from all the practical […]

Housekeeping through Christmas (1 of 2)

Hello – This week I’d like to try something a little different and send two messages. This first message is a quick list of all the Housekeeping details you need to stay fully engaged through Christmas. The next will be planting seeds for next year. Here goes! • This Sunday, led by our children’s ministry, […]

Thank You for Your Patience!

Dear Extended St. Paul’s Family – Thank you for your patience as our renovation and improvement work continues. We’re off to a great start in putting in the necessary work to keep Marin Day School as a happy tenant and to put up our new solar panels. Work is on track to be done before […]

Investments in Our Future

Starting this week and going until Christmas the campus will be busy with major work on our campus. The two most significant projects are a new children’s bathroom in the education wing and solar panels on the roof of the education wing. This works represents many hours of careful deliberation by your vestry and other […]