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Correction: Bazaar is Nov. 8th and 9th…

…not the 18th and 19th as I wrote yesterday. I’m sorry for any confusion. Here is a more full announcement written by Sue Adamson, a leader of St. Anne’s: ‘”Due to circumstances beyond our control, St. Anne’s is cutting back on our annual rummage sale and bazaar. We will sell the excellent rummage we now […]

Quick Hits

Hello – Things are always moving and changing and developing at St. Paul’s. It’s a sign of life. Here are a few things worth tracking: • This Sunday the 10am service will feature a host of our children and youth in various leadership roles at the 10am service. Second Sundays for the school year will […]

Presidio Parkway and St. Paul’s

Hello – Since at least 2012, when they built the first tunnel along the Presidio Parkway, we’ve all experienced the gradual work of transforming our entrance from Marin into San Francisco. We’ve been patiently watching the landscape and the roads as they gradually change. In a way, a similar process has been happening at St. […]

Four Starts Next Week

Hello – Four things start next week at St. Paul’s: • Marin Morning Prayer starts on both Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30am. This half hour service, led by lay people, is a beautiful, dignified and simplified version of Morning Prayer from the BCP. People hang out for coffee in Duncan Hall afterwards. • All Bible […]

Update Your Member Info or Make a Pledge Online With Our New Realm Database

Did you you know that the St. Paul’s Directory & Pledging System is now online in a new members’ only, cloud-based system?  Realm gives you the ability to update and maintain your own contact information, pledge online, review your contributions history, and print your own year-end statements.  Realm also allows groups of people, such as St. Anne’s Guild, Bible […]

Crucifixion of the Images

Dear Friends- This morning I promised to send a written version of a powerful, long and dense quote I used in my sermon from the 20th Century English mystic, Austin Farrer. It is an expression of a spiritual path called the Via Negativa. As I shared in the sermon, I have been regularly pondering this […]

Book Passage Photos from Christopher’s Reading

He’s in good company… See photos of regulars at this book store like Anne Lammott, Isabelle Allende, and Barak Obama (ha!).  Most in the audience were from St. Paul’s and his “brother congregation” Grace Marin (Presbytarian), but there were several people there who were just drawn there after reading the description in the flyer/webpage. ~ […]