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Housekeeping through Christmas (1 of 2)

Hello – This week I’d like to try something a little different and send two messages. This first message is a quick list of all the Housekeeping details you need to stay fully engaged through Christmas. The next will be planting seeds for next year. Here goes! • This Sunday, led by our children’s ministry, […]

Thank You for Your Patience!

Dear Extended St. Paul’s Family – Thank you for your patience as our renovation and improvement work continues. We’re off to a great start in putting in the necessary work to keep Marin Day School as a happy tenant and to put up our new solar panels. Work is on track to be done before […]

Investments in Our Future

Starting this week and going until Christmas the campus will be busy with major work on our campus. The two most significant projects are a new children’s bathroom in the education wing and solar panels on the roof of the education wing. This works represents many hours of careful deliberation by your vestry and other […]

Thank You!

Hello – Thank you, St. Paul’s, for your generous and good humored support of the Harvest Bazaar this past week. Bravo! Your love and encouragement of the active members of the St. Anne’s Guild shined through. The active Guilders poured in a huge amount of effort throughout the last year to prepare for the sale. […]

Two of Our Finest Ministries

Hello – This week we celebrate two of our finest ministries. First, tomorrow night there’s a Come and See event about our ministry to San Quentin’s Death Row. This chapter of our ministry began 18 years ago when the mother of an inmate asked the Bishop of California to please find someone to visit her […]

Gracefully Through a Busy Time

Hello – We have a lot going on right now. We are on a trajectory where the feel of life on our campus will shift in a healthy way through the next couple of months. Already, morale is high and it’s set to get even higher as things come together. But with all the moving […]

Four Quick Things

Hello – Here are four quick things you ought to know, each of which are an essential part of our common life in the next three weeks. • We are one week into our pledge drive. This is where we are each encouraged to fill out a card with the amount of money we intend […]