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The Baxters and August at St. Paul’s

Hello –

It was such a joy to return from vacation yesterday and walk into the new Hardin Courtyard. When I left, we were still working on the soil and irrigation. Now there are plants, trees, benches and a beautiful rock, all chosen and set with great beauty and practical design. The last big missing piece is to put the plaque that says “The Hardin Courtyard” on the rock. Please join me in continuing to pour out your gratitude to all the great lay leaders that have made this courtyard possible.

Among those leaders has been Maggie Baxter. This Sunday is the last Sunday that Maggie, Jonathan, Nicholas and Emilie will be worshipping with us as residents of Marin. Next week, they leave for their new life based in Boston. All four Baxters have been steadfast and essential members of St. Paul’s for at least fifteen years. Both our 10am service and our coffee hour this Sunday will honor this great and generous family.

The Hardin Courtyard work is not the only campus work going on this month. The upstairs bathroom is currently being remodeled and the downstairs bathrooms are scheduled to be remodeled starting Monday, August 21st. That same day, we begin a week long replacement of the parking lot. Finally, on Tuesday, your Vestry will be looking at bids to both repaint the exterior and do some major roof work.

This great burst of work on our campus is an investment in our long term future. With our 150th coming up as well as the debut of the PrayWorshipServe Retreat and New College of Christian Practice, we have many ways to look forward to enjoying our revitalized campus together and to sharing it with others.

It’s good to be back and I look forward to seeing you Sunday.


p: (415) 456-4842