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May at Nativity: Part Two

Hello –

On Monday, work begins on the Hardin Courtyard. While the Preschool will continue to be on our campus, everything else moves up to Nativity Church at 333 Ellen Drive for the month of May.

Last week, I shared with you the news that our shared worship services on Sundays will be at the exact same time with essentially the same liturgy as what we’re used to. I also encouraged you to take the month to check out Redeemer Church at 123 Knight Drive. I’d also encourage you to check out the fourth of our four Northern Marin Episcopal Churches, St. Francis in Novato, at 967 5th St..

This week, I have the good news that everything else we do during the week- Bible Studies, Discipleship Groups, book studies, St. Anne’s etc.- can continue at the same time as usual at Nativity. Go to their calendar here to see your activity. Please contact me if you see any flaws. A volunteer is at Nativity from 10am to 2pm Monday through Friday. If your activity lies beyond that time, contact me at and I’ll help you with access.

This last Sunday we had one of our occasional pulpit swaps and many of you experienced first-hand how gracious and enthusiastic the Rev. Kirsten Snow-Spalding is. She and the good people at Nativity couldn’t be more generous in how they are welcoming us. I look forward to worshipping with you at St. Paul’s this Sunday and then to the adventure of May!


p: (415) 456-4842