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Holy Week Begins

Hello –

Sunday marks the beginning of the most important week of the Christian year. I can never say enough about all that you are invited to experience. Nor could I ever urge you strongly enough to set aside time and walk attentively besides Jesus as he humbly submits himself to the mighty acts of God by which we were saved. Consider:

Palm Sunday starts with his celebratory entrance into Jerusalem. (We wave palms and sing a joyful tune!) But then shifts with the reading of the Passion Narrative, the sad a cappella closing hymn and the departure from the church in silence. (8am and 10am)

Maundy Thursday is an ordinary eucharist service except for five things. It’s at night. It includes foot-washing. It’s shared with baptized Christians from two other churches. It remembers the night when Jesus actually started the whole practice. Finally, it concludes with a solemn liturgical drama of stunning power. (7:30 pm)

Good Friday takes place in a church stripped down to its basics. Every hymn we sing has deep currents of sorrow and pathos. A large wooden cross is brought in and we each can hammer a nail into it, remembering the sorrowful song from Palm Sunday, “I crucified thee!” (Noon)

The Easter Vigil is the longest and most important service of the year. A short paragraph can’t begin to convey how one is powerfully carried from darkness, ignorance and sorrow to light, knowledge and joy. You simply must come to it to get it. (7:30pm on Saturday night. It’s over by 9:30pm.)

There are then followed by two Easter morning services. 8am will be without music. 10am will be filled with music and followed by an Easter Egg Hunt.

May this invitation to walk the solemn steps of Holy Week lead you to the joy that passes all understanding.


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