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Evensong- Party- Bishop’s Blessing

Hello –

We kick off the celebration of our 150th Anniversary next week with a triple whammy:

1. Evensong. On the Feast of St. Paul, Thursday, January 25th, we have Evensong at 7pm. Join Bishop Marc, our chancel choir and others in this beautiful treasure of Anglican worship. I’ve asked all the Episcopal Churches in Marin to bring their banners.

2. Party. On Saturday, the 27th, starting at 6pm we have a festive party planned. Katy and her crew have been working for months to prepare this joyful event. Here’s the link. Sign up now. (Already I’ve had three people offer to pay the cost for anyone who wants to come but for whom the $50 is just too tough. Let me know!)

3. Bishop’s Blessing. On Sunday, the 28th, Bishop Marc will be with us for Sunday worship. He will also be blessing our new Downing Library, which has an extraordinary collection, carefully curated by Donn Downing over 15 years. The library proposes that we are at the beginning of a massive cultural shift like the Reformation; a “50 Year Event,” as Donn likes to say. Over 200 books from multiple disciplines help make this case.

Next week, come celebrate our rich past, our beautiful present and our exciting future! Evensong Thursday, party Saturday, Bishop’s blessing on Sunday.

p: (415) 456-4842