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As of April 28, 2016 the total of all contributions and pledges is $169,880.
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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a sacred space for our busy lives. It’s been a sacred space for nearly 150 years, enriching the lives of so many people, generation after generation. The mission of SPRIF III is to maintain and restore this historic treasure, so it can continue to serve our community for generations to come.

The Community of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is the steward of the buildings and grounds of St. Paul’s. We are responsible for assuring that these assets serve our mission of “Following Jesus Together in Worship, Prayer and Service.” Additionally, we must preserve the historic and sacred attributes that make this a place of peace, hospitality and a springboard for service. We are a key player in the Marin community and a major contributor to the quality of life in Marin.

As one of the oldest churches in Marin County, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, built in 1869, is an important presence in the community. It has preserved its historic character with an impressive 213 foot frontage on Court Street in the heart of San Rafael. In addition to the Church, its buildings include the San Rafael campus of the non-profit Marin Day Schools, Duncan Hall and additional rooms used for community hospitality. The grounds comprise 32,048 valuable square feet. The Church pro- vides hospitality to many community groups. The Church community volunteers its services and facilities to many individuals and groups in Marin.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is initiating a project to serve 3 primary purposes:

1. Create a safe and sacred Space in our courtyard and the pathways leading up to the courtyard.
Our goal is to make this outdoor space safer and more accessible for all who use it. This includes a smooth, even surface in the courtyard and both pathways leading up to it; handrails along the pathways; and reducing the incline and slope of the pathways. We also want to make our outdoor space more welcoming and provide a beautiful transition into our sacred space in the church. This way our community can experience a beautiful reflection of what they find inside.

2. Relationship and Obligations (liabilities) to the school
Our goal is to meet the safety & security needs of Marin Day School by providing exceptional, safe facilities. This will also help the school remain competitive. Their success has a direct impact on St. Paul’s future, since they are one of our primary sources of income. We have a 30 year rela- tionship with Marin Day School and we want to foster that for years to come.

3. House of Hospitality
We need to expand and enhance our usable group space to meet the future needs of a growing community. All of this is an important part of taking care of our beautiful 146-year old church that has played, and will continue to play, an important role in the Marin community.

The courtyard experiences heavy pedestrian use every day. It currently does not comply with the building code requirements arising in connection with the American with Disabilities Act (ada). The slope of the pathway is too steep for wheelchair ac- cess. This renewal project will provide for the safety and security of all who use St. Paul’s.

As mentioned, this project includes renovating the building and grounds used by Marin Day School. The school, established in 1981, moved to St. Paul’s in the 1980s and at one point was the primary child care for employees of Lucasfilm. It leases facilities from St. Paul’s to provide early childhood education for 76 preschoolers and 12 toddlers. Its teachers and staff serve the community by offering quality early childhood education at an affordable price. The school recently signed a ten year lease.

The renewal and renovation of the Marin Day School is badly needed. The improvements include a new heating system to replace the old gas fired heaters, new toilets, flooring, door entrances and a new play structure. Water leaks will be repaired, classrooms will be painted and the exterior will be freshened. These changes will provide for the safety, security and comfort of the school children. Marin Day School will also be contributing funds for these renovations.

Furthermore, this renewal project will provide a more beautiful frontage on Mission Street, thus contributing to the beauty of San Rafael. The courtyard design will offer a welcoming and beautiful transition into the sacred space of the Church.

Community service and hospitality are a key part of St. Paul’s mission. Nowhere is that more evident than with our own St. Anne’s Guild, who for decades has hosted community gatherings and critical fundraisers for our church, as well as for people in need around the world. To better serve the community and to be a true house of hospitality, this project will improve the kitchen, the bathrooms and other facilities. These improve- ments will also serve the many community groups which use

St. Paul’s. These groups include four twelve step programs, four music teachers with regular recitals, the Marin campus of the San Francisco Boys Chorus and Young Moms Marin, a support group for teen moms and their children. This is in addition to meditation groups like the Mountain Source Sangha, a Buddhist group and Contemplative Outreach of the North Bay, a Christian group.

St. Paul’s is a financially strong organization with balanced budgets each year. This Renovation and Renewal Project will make it possible for St. Paul’s to fulfill its mission of community service for years to come. It can continue to be a safe place for young people, serving youth groups throughout Marin County. In preserving the historic and sacred attributes that make this a place of peace, hospitality, and community service, St. Paul’s will continue to contribute to Marin’s quality of life.

We estimate the cost of this Renovation and Renewal Project to be $450,000-$650,000; depending on what the community determines should be included and our ability to raise money.

This Project will be funded by the Marin Day Schools (contributing $250,000), a community campaign which seeks donations from community groups and businesses, a three year capital campaign by the community of St. Paul’s and bridge funding as deemed appropriate by the Vestry.

We believe two projects within SPRIF III are mandated for us to do, based on our contract with Marin Day School and bringing our exterior space in compliance with current ada building code requirements. These are the courtyard/pathways safety and accessibility, and the HVAC system. Beyond that, only those projects that have been discussed and receive the support of the St. Paul’s community will get funded. Today, we begin an open conversation that will move us towards fulfilling our goals.

Maggie Baxter
Jay Luther
Joan Adams
Pat Curtis
Tenesa Vuillemenot

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