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Welcome Back!

Hello –
Our parking lot, courtyard and three bathrooms are all done now and they look fantastic. We are now a campus transformed. The warmth and beauty of our sacred space has now spread to places of welcome and community gathering throughout the campus.

Improvements have continued in Duncan Hall and, most dramatically, upstairs, with the offices and the Upper Room now given a warmth and a beauty that they never came close to before this.

There are a few surprises left and, in the next few weeks, a plan to put a new coat of paint on the outside of most of our buildings. But we are essentially now at our new level of health and beauty. We are hard at work setting up new systems and teams so that our campus maintains this wonderful feel.

All of this work is not just luxury but is essential to who we are and what we do. As I’ve been saying, in a world going increasingly virtual, we are stubbornly incarnational. We all need places to gather and be face to face and to know that we are loved.

If you haven’t yet seen all this wonderful new work, come on back! 

p: (415) 456-4842