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We Care!!

Hello –

As our major renovation efforts draw to a close- the scaffolding in front of the Rose Window is due to come down Friday- I write to you again about Nickel. You may remember that Nickel is a french expression for a place or a thing that is very well taken care of. We hope St. Paul’s is a remains a Nickel campus. Now, it’s on all of us.

Here are the three top thing you can do to help keep our campus Nickel:

1. Read and Follow. In each of the most heavily used rooms and in all of the bathrooms, in a see through sheet hung on the wall, there are simple instructions for how to leave things neat and ready for the next users. Nearby are all the supplies you need- wipes, swifter, broom, toilet paper etc.- to do what is asked. Please read and follow.

2. Lost and Found. The lost and found is now back where it was before. It is in the Vestry, which is the room on the way to the downstairs bathrooms, where the choirs and acolytes robe. There’s a small table in the space between two closets. If you find stray stuff, please put it there. If you lost something, please look there. The contents of the table, and that of the hook above it, will be given to Goodwill every 4-6 weeks.

3. Sort Your Waste. Right next to the lost and found are three cans- one for landfill, one for paper and one for bottles and cans. In the kitchen are three similar cans, plus a can with a lid for compost. Please sort accordingly. The cheery signs above each make clear which can is which. Please sort your waste accordingly.

We’re off to a great start. We are a conscienscious, caring community, and our good habits inspire the others who use our campus to be the same.

You all may remember how deeply I am inspired by St. Benedict, the 6th Century monk who has inspired thousands of healthy Christian communities through the centuries. His short Rule is filled with careful instructions for how to keep a campus that is neat, hospitable and reverent. At one point, he asks his followers to do the ordinary dishes as though they were the chalice and patten for the altar. We are stewards of a sacred space. Let us together treat it with reverence.

p: (415) 456-4842