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The Vestry is the “Board of Directors” for the parish corporation. The Vestry is the authoritative body of the Congregation and is subject only to the Diocesan and National Church Canons. The Vestry is responsible for determining the policies and goals of the congregation and is to communicate with the congregation about the goals, concerns, and functioning of the Church in the modern world. The Rector is a member of the Vestry, the President of the parish corporation, and presides over meetings of the Vestry and Congregation. Other members of the Vestry are elected by the Congregation at the parish Annual Meeting. The duties of the vestry and its officers are prescribed in the Canons (bylaws) of the diocese and in the charter and bylaws of the parish corporation. The Senior and Junior Wardens are Vice Presidents of the corporation.

Current Officers:

Kay Blackwell, John Schaver, Meg Gorman, Steve Avanzino, Jay Eitel, Doug Sprague, Joan Adams, Ginny Horton,Tom Witt, Walter Tanner, Alison Blume and Libby Silvestri and Pierce Gore.