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Two Funerals

Hello –

This weekend we have the funerals of two beloved parishioners.

Jae E.’s funeral will be at 11am on this Friday, the 6th of October.  I will be leading the funeral service but it will be just down the street on the Magnolia Terrace of the Elk’s Club. The lawn at the Elk’s Club can hold many more people than our church, and the Jae was a leader of the Elk’s. There will be a reception afterwards at the Elk’s. The address is 1312 Mission Street. Please join me in praying for and supporting Carolyn, his wife, and his surviving children John, James and Rebecca.

Tim H.’s funeral will be at 2:30pm on this Sunday, the 8th of October. The funeral will be at St. Paul’s and I will be leading it along with the Rev. Daniel London. Tim’s boys, Otis and Dexter are members of the Marin Episcopal Youth Group. They were also among the crew I led in a Confirmation Class last year. There will be a reception in Duncan Hall immediately following the service. Please join me in praying for and supporting Otis, Dexter and Tim’s wife, Michelle.

As we face real grief and loss together I am deeply grateful for the solemn dignity and beauty of the liturgy for funerals. It offers a ringing reminder that death is not the end; “whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s possession.”

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