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The Schedule as of Now

Hello –

We are three weeks into the project of creating the Hardin Courtyard. It is already even more beautiful than I had imagined. I write to tell you what we know at this point about the completion of the project.

We believe that we are two weeks away from being able to use the church again. We are hopeful that on Saturday, June 3rd we will do the very last step in the process of installing the courtyard, which is to put a sealant on it. On that day, absolutely no one can walk on the courtyard. But the next day, Sunday the 4th, if we’re still on schedule, all are welcome to come worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness at St. Paul’s.

If the schedule holds, here’s what that means:

• The “where have we encountered Jesus in the poor we serve?” conversation is postponed for one week, until Saturday, June 10th from 9am to 11am.

• We will be back at St. Paul’s for the feast of Pentecost, a great day to celebrate the church!

• We still hope to host the Cocktails and Hymn Sing at 4pm on Sunday the 4th in Duncan Hall, and hope to host many from Nativity, Redemmer and St. Francis for this joyful occasion.

• Regular weekly activities would then recommence at St. Paul’s starting Monday, June 5th.

But please stay tuned. As you probably know, projects have a way of taking longer than scheduled, so please keep paying attention.

If this schedule holds, the project will have taken five weeks, which is about what I expected. The good news is that we are also accomplishing the task of redoing the fencing right now, which we had originally anticipated would be in July. Also, throughout June, Alison and Pat will be leading the project of installing all the new garden spaces. Finally, in late August, we plan the installation of the new parking lot surface, which will take a week, during which no one will be able to park.

My gratitude throughout for Larry and Pat has known no bounds. They have been at the St. Paul’s campus every day of the construction, often for hours on end. They have provided the attention, wisdom and good humor that has been essential. Please join me in thanking them!

p: (415) 456-4842