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The Courtyard Work Has Begun!

Hello –

I write to you from Duncan Hall where I am looking out at the upper Courtyard, stripped of most of its concrete. This is the first day of the work on the Hardin Courtyard and the folks at Black Diamond pavers have made a strong start. In addition, the school has made good adjustments to all the noise and the necessary alternate routes. Finally, although Monday is always a light day on our campus schedule, the few events that needed to be up at Nativity went well.

Thank you all again for your patience and support. Nearly 70 of you gave money to this effort so this Hardin Courtyard is truly a community effort. And a special thanks to Nativity Church, who have already been incredibly gracious, generous and good humored. Please go out of your way to say thank you to the good folks of Nativity in the days ahead as you go to their campus at 333 Ellen Drive for your St. Paul’s activities.


p: (415) 456-4842