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Still on Track

Hello –

As of today, Thursday, we are still on track to have the first day we can use the campus be Sunday, June 4th, which is the feast of Pentecost. If that’s when we return, here’s what that means:

• On Pentecost, which is on June 4th, we hope to be back at St. Paul’s for the last offering of the Chancel Choir before the summer break at the 10am worship service. (But be sure to go to the Pacifics game in late July when they will sing the national anthem!)

• Cocktails and Hymn Sing will be from 4pm to 7pm in Duncan Hall. We’re inviting our gracious hosts from Nativity to come experience our new Hardin Courtyard as we sing together all the old favorites.

• Outreach Conversation will be in Duncan Hall on Saturday, June 10th from 9am to 11am. This is an opportunity to explore that mystery of Jesus’ teaching that when we are kind to the least, we are kind to him. How have we found that to be true in our various Outreach projects?

Please stay alert next week. This is a construction project so delays are still possible. But so far, all is going well.

Finally, I have the privilege of returning to Nebraska next week. I will be traveling through the state with the Bishop and some of his staff, visiting various parishes who have implemented The Restoration Project with its formation classes and Discipleship Groups. I will be encouraging folks o come to the Pray WorshipServe Retreat we are hosting at St. Paul’s next Lent.


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