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Seven Words for Lent

Seven words for you to begin the purple season of Lent.

1. The PrayWorshipServe rhythm of 20 minutes of prayer a day, an hour a week of worship and an hour a week of service of the poor is classic. Go to and sign up to receive a short daily email of encouragement.

2. Basic Discipleship begins this Saturday at 8:30am in my office. Learn to pray, tell your story and be in healthy small group.

3. Alberta is the Deacon at St. Francis’ and she will be our preacher this Sunday.

4. Death Cafe is this Sunday from 4pm to 6pm. Come to an open and safe conversation about one of life’s greatest realities.

5. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings through Lent both have prayer that begin at 7:30am. Tuesday is Morning Prayer and Wednesday is Eucharist.

6. The Discipleship Groups Conversation for everyone who has experience with Discipleship Groups is next Saturday, the 11th from 9am to 12:30pm, facilitated by the Rev. Ann Hallisey.

7. Contempt is contrasted with grace beautifully in this quote from author and Christian, Marilynne Robinson, sent to me by a parishioner: “Contempt imposes; grace discovers. Contempt generalizes; grace is charmed by haunting particularities. Contempt entraps; grace frees.”

I pray you are entering into a blessed Lent.


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