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Following Jesus through service is central to St. Paul’s mission and a great way to use your valuable skills and time to give back to your community. Many people at St. Paul’s say that there’s nothing more rewarding than reaching out to help someone less fortunate or on the margins of our society. And we couldn’t agree more.

St. Paul’s invites you to join us in a variety of rich volunteer opportunities:

  • Feed the Hungry: Every week teams from St. Paul’s fill and hand out bags of groceries to needy families at the Ritter Center.
  • Visit the Isolated: We have friends at San Quentin prison and the Fifth Avenue Health Care Center, a convalescent home, that we visit regularly.
  • Nurture At Risk Teens: We have a unique relationship with the County Community School for probationary youth. Most mornings we serve hot breakfast, tutor and lead enrichment trips and activities.

If you are interested in our service opportunities or have questions, please contact our Head of Outreach, Keira Vicente at or 415.684.2670.