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Saturday’s Discipleship Group Gathering

Hello –

This Saturday morning will be, I believe, one of the most important gatherings in the thirteen years I have served you as Rector.

Essentially, we are hosting focus groups for anyone with experience with either Discipleship Groups or with Basic Discipleship. For Saturday, I have hired an excellent facilitator to lead a process called Appreciative Inquiry. After a time of guided interviews and sharing stories, the question will be asked “what would this look like if the exceptional moments that we’ve uncovered in the interviews become the norm?”

Already, we’ve made great progress together in developing this new work of Discipleship Groups. Anecdotally, I know of wonderful things happening in all seven of our groups. This is a time to come together and learn from each other and strengthen each other. I believe this Saturday morning will result in a new invitation to us to embrace together this powerful work of Discipleship Groups.

This work of strengthening Discipleship Groups is particularly timely because in less than a year we will be hosting up to 40 people in the PrayWorshipServe Lenten Retreat. The retreat is based on the work of Discipleship Groups. From my phone calls around the country in the last month, I can tell you that already teams of people from at least seven different Dioceses are intending to come. This thing is real!

I know for myself that I learn best when I must teach others. Next February, as we host this retreat, we will all be, each in our own way, teachers. I believe we can do it and that our facilitator, the Rev. Ann Hallisey, will help us get there this Saturday. Please make an extra effort to be there. It is from 9am to 12:30pm.

Thank you for your consideration.


p: (415) 456-4842