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Rich Conversation This Saturday

Hello –

This week I offer one look forward and two very brief looks back.

First, this Saturday, from 9am to 11am in Duncan Hall, we will be having what I am sure will be a rich conversation about how we have found Jesus in the face of those we serve. Jesus teaches that as we do it to the least, we do it to him. By faith, I believe that’s true. But where has that been true? In what way? This will be an opportunity to hear people tell stories and perhaps tell some stories of your own. I believe we will all learn and will all leave the room wiser.

Second, if you don’t get the Diocesan weekly email newsletter, you might have missed this super article about our five weeks at Nativity. It’s called A Joyful Experiment in Sharing Space. Please check it out!

Finally, Pat and Larry were, half jokingly, giving out grades to the various contractors and sub-contractors of our Hardin Courtyard work, which was successfully completed in the expected five weeks. They gave the paver installers, Santos, Oscar and Calixto an A+. I agree with that, but then I also need to add that both Pat and Larry graduated from this stage of the process Summa Cum Laude. Even though they both continue to complete work on our campus, please keep the “thank yous” going!


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