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Prayer List

StPaulsPurpleDoorPrayer is one of our core activities, especially prayer for others, whether for support or in thanksgiving. When you have a loved one who needs prayer, we’re here, with a variety of prayer lists.  Please call Nancy Skinner at 415 457 9491 or email to have someone (first names only) added to the appropriate list.  Below is the list prayed for by the entire congregation:

Arty, Cathy W, Dan P & Family, Gina, Jim, Joan P, Katie T, Kevin & Tara, Laurie H, Mark & Gwen, Mark G, Mark H, Meg G, Mika K & Family, Phyllis, Ricky & Family

Alfred J, Barbara B, Bart L, Bobbie H, Cathy W, Charlotte & Peter, Chloe H, Chuck S, Dana T, Daniel S, Deborah, Declan, Della H, Dexter H, Don F, Emily M, Felicia D, Fr. Pinto, Gary P, Ginnette & Jeff, Grace M, Jennifer H, John L, Jonathan T, Joseph C, Justin M, Kairos Inside San Quentin, Kairos 50, Ken A, Laurel, Linda B, Lizzie S, Lokita, Marcella H, Mary Ann B, Matt P, Matt S, Merlin C, Mike R, Miriam, Nancy S, Neil M, Nona, Norman R, Petra, Alfred & Family, Richard F, Richard R, Robert C, Roger T, Roseanna M, Samantha, Sandy G, Stephanie, Stephen L, Stephen T, Survivors of the flames, Syrian R, Ted W, Thich Nhat H, Tim D, Toni J, Tracy P

Bill D, Jay T, Lisa R, Mandy W


Updated February 15, 2018