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Book Passage Photos from Christopher’s Reading

He’s in good company… See photos of regulars at this book store like Anne Lammott, Isabelle Allende, and Barak Obama (ha!).  Most in the audience were from St. Paul’s and his “brother congregation” Grace Marin (Presbytarian), but there were several people there who were just drawn there after reading the description in the flyer/webpage. ~ […]

Next Saturday Book Reading

Hello – Next Saturday, June 28th, I’ll be doing another reading of my book, The Restoration Project. It will be at 1pm at Book Passage in Corte Madera. Throughout the process of writing, publishing and now sharing my book my heart has been filled with gratitude for you and for St. Paul’s. As those of you who […]

Ice Cream! (And Summer at St. Paul's)

Hello – This Sunday, after the 10am service, we celebrate the end of the school year with ice cream! Come join us for this great new St. Paul’s tradition. It’s a scrumptious way to be with your St. Paul’s community. It’s been such a good year in so many ways that on this feast of […]

Our Coming-Out Party is a Year Away

Hello – When I was growing up in Delaware some of my classmates, in their senior year of High School, had ‘Coming-Out Parties.’ These were a celebratory ritual that marked the beginning of a new stage of maturity, a greater level of poise and confidence. Next Memorial Day weekend, we are hosting an event that […]