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Your Thoughts and Experiences

Your Thoughts and Experiences Hello – Sunday, February 1st is our Annual Meeting. This is the time we gather to review the year that has past, take necessary votes for the healthy running of our community and look to the year to come. A central part of that gathering will be a consideration of our […]

This Sunday: PrayWorshipServe

Hello – This Sunday, the first Sunday of the season of Epiphany, we offer invitations to you to pray, worship and serve in some new ways. Pray. At 11:30, after the 10am service, I begin teaching my class on Christian Practices. I begin, as always, with teaching about daily prayer. My assumption is that everyone […]

4 Things Start This Week

Hello – Four things start this week: • Tuesday at 12:30 we begin our study of the Gospel of John. • Wednesday at 10 we begin our study of Augustine’s short handbook on Faith, Hope and Love. • Thursday at 11 St. Anne’s resumes weekly lunch. • Sunday at 11:30 I begin my class on […]

January for Families at St. Paul’s

Good Morning St. Paul’s Families, As we start 2015 I want to take a moment and offer my sincerest appreciation for all of your support as we’ve transitioned into our mixed aged, mixed programming Sunday school program.  We are three months in and it seems like we are settling into a good rhythm.  My heart […]

Great News- A Woman Bishop in England!

Our Mother Church finally caught up with us here in America. This is good news for the whole Anglican Communion, which is the second largest body of Christians in the world, with 80 million people, after the Roman Catholic Church. Congratulations and many blessings the Rev. Libby Lane, soon to be the Right Rev. Libby […]

St. Paul’s and Those in Need

Hello – One sweet note that still runs strong throughout the American Holiday Season is the impulse to reach out to those in need. Here are four glimpses into how St. Paul’s has done and is doing just that: • Check out the great picture on our Facebook page ( of the big crew that […]

Stay Safe and Dry!

Hello – First, letting you know that you’ll all be in my prayers tomorrow as the storm hits. We can be there for each other as needs arise. We are among those you can call if you are afraid or alone. (415 456 4842) Also, I wanted to be sure everyone knew that we’re going […]