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News From the Restoration Project

Restoring Ourselves and Our Communities through Seven Core Christian Practices

Dear Friend of The Restoration Project,

Each year, Lent provides an opportunity to go deeper into the mystery of Jesus. This email gives you two invitations to go deeper, on for next year and one for this year.

Next year is the greatest invitation our reform movement has yet offered. Up to forty of you will be in sunny California in February for the second Sunday of Lent. Here at St. Paul’s, where we have seven Discipleship Groups and five robust Outreach programs, we will be offering the first PrayWorshipServe Lenten Retreat.

This long weekend retreat is an opportunity for you and a few others from your church to immerse yourself in the seven core Christian practices of The Restoration Project. The Restoration Project was conceived over a long weekend immersion for me at Church of the Saviour in Washington DC in 2002. We want to offer something like that experience to you next February.

The PrayWorshipServe retreat is only $599 and that includes food, lodging at a retreat house and all of your transportation within Marin County. A $100 deposit now, on our Eventbrite webpage, secures your space and is refundable anytime before the end of the year.

This year, like every year since 2011, we encourage you to practice the PrayWorshipServe Lenten challenge. This means fulfilling the first three vows of Discipleship Groups through 20 minutes of prayer a day, an hour a week of worship and an hour a week of service to the poor. Sign up here to get a brief daily email of encouragement.

May you have a Holy Lent and I hope to see you next February at the PrayWorshipServe Lenten Retreat.


Christopher Martin, Founder