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Looking Forward to May

Looking Forward to May

Hello –

I’m looking forward to May. Now, you may say to yourself, “Christopher, that’s crazy! I understand why you might look forward to April, because that’s when we celebrate the mighty acts by which we were saved. I understand why you might look forward to June, because by then the Hardin Courtyard will be complete. But why, of all months, May?”

(That’s word-for-word what you were thinking, wasn’t it?)

Well, I’ll tell you. I’m looking forward to May because, for that whole month, I get to hang out with lots of people I respect and love. For the month of May we, and everyone who ever uses our campus, will be up at Nativity church in Marinwood. As it happens, our weekly schedule matches perfectly with the weekly schedule of Nativity. All the activities of St. Paul’s, along with the work of Grace Marin, the San Francisco Boys Chorus, the three music teachers and the four 12 step programs, will be bustling around at the top of the hill with the beautiful view down the Lucas Valley for at least four weeks.

The Rev. Kirsten Snow-Spalding and her lay leaders could not be more gracious as they plan for our stay. The Rev. Rod Miles and the people of Grace Marin are nothing but grateful for our careful care and support of them. And the same has been true of every person and group I’ve told about the move to Nativity in May.

For the month of May, then, I have the opportunity to get to know good people even better. Of course we’re going to need to communicate with each other a ton and exercise some patience. But I firmly believe that on the other side of our adventure at Nativity in May, we will have made some new friends and deepened some old friendships.


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