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July at St. Paul’s

Hello –

I leave on vacation after services this Sunday. The Rev. Jim Ward will be ably covering worship services and pastoral care for the rest of the month.

The Vestry and a strong team of volunteers will be keeping many things going in my absence. Here are just a few of the areas where you can expect ongoing work:

• The new irrigation system will soon be complete so you can expect to see the beginnings of the new plantings in the courtyard.

• Keatin continues her excellent work in revitalizing the upstairs offices and rooms. Soon her attention will shift to refreshing the Vestry and the Sacristy.

• We are primed to begin work soon on our bathrooms. When work does begin, please remember that there are two bathrooms at the top of the stairs of the education wing.

• Preparations continue to resurface the parking lot in later August.

When I return at the beginning of August, you can expect that a lot of communication will begin about things beyond just our campus.

• Katie is leading a great team planning celebrations next year for our 150th anniversary. Plans are well under way.

• The PrayWorshipServe Lenten Retreat, which we’ll be hosting in February, is already nearly half full. Jacob, Judy and I have been meeting nearly every week to plan and will be widening participation in August.

• You may know that, inspired by the work we did with Young Moms Marin, we have partnered with St. John’s, Ross to find housing solutions for young, poor families. By August, we believe we will have some exciting news to share about this work on what we’re calling St. Monnica’s Mutual Housing Community.

• Our partnership with the other northern Marin Episcopal Churches is likely to grow stronger, as we continue to find ways we can combine our resources, particularly with Youth and with Outreach.

• Finally, you may have heard me talk about New College of Christian Practice. In August, we will be ready to begin sharing with you the full breadth of this vision. New College puts a name and an organizing principle to the many ways we already serve as a center for vibrant Christian practices.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to deep refreshment in July and I hope and pray for the same thing for you. I hope to see you this Sunday morning, and then again in August.


p: (415) 456-4842