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January at St. Paul’s

Hello –

Today I offer a quick run down of January at St. Paul’s:

1/6  Saturday  11:30am- Funeral for Mandy Wick.

1/7  Sunday    10:00am- Christmas Pageant and Baptism.

1/21 Sunday    1:00pm- Rise Against Hunger. Here’s the link to sign up to help package 10,000 meals to be shipped to a place of greatest need. We are hosting this at St. Paul’s but doing this with Redeemer, Nativity and St. Francis’.

1/25 Thursday  7:00pm- Choral Evensong on the Feast of St. Paul’s. We celebrate our 150th Anniversary with Bishop Marc and the Chancel Choir. Followed by a Dessert Reception.

1/27 Saturday   6:00pm- Dinner/Dance at the Key Room of Homeward Bound to celebrate our anniversary. Tickets are just $50 and help is available. Here’s the link to secure your reservation. Space is limited.

1/28 Sunday  10:00am- Bishop Marc’s Visitation to help continue our celebration. This will include the blessing of the new Downing Library.

February has important dates too.
• Sunday, February 4th we have the Annual Meeting after the 10am service.
• On Saturday, February 10th we’ll have the funeral for Jay Taggart at 11am.
• Ash Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, February 14th.
• The weekend of February 22nd to 25th we host the first PrayWorshipServe Lenten Retreat.

Active times at St. Paul’s!

p: (415) 456-4842