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Janet E. Duncan

Leading up to St. Paul’s 150th anniversary, let’s take a look at some of the former church members. Looking around the church we see many plaques that name former members of the congregation who are memorialized by their gifts to the glory of God and in remembrance of loved ones.

All of us at St. Paul’s enjoy the use of Duncan Hall. Whether it is a social gathering, an important meeting, religious instruction or a special event , the hall is a welcoming, friendly place. However, not many members know for whom the hall was named . That special person was Janet E. Duncan. As part of her estate she left St. Paul’s $239,000 which was used for the renovation of the hall in 1998.

Janet was born in 1909 as Janet Alverson in San Francisco. She married George W. Duncan, a marine engineer. She and George lived in San Anselmo on Greenfield Avenue. They had no children. She was very involved with the Marin Humane Society and helped at their Thrift Shop. She was a cat lover.

Janet was a member of St. Paul’s church and St. Anne’s Guild. Her husband George died in 1968. She lived until 1996. She had no surviving relatives.

~Joy Moss