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Helping the Poor

Hello –

Helping the poor is a year round value at St. Paul’s. Our mission statement is “Following Jesus together in prayer, worship and service.” By service we mean serving the least among us in a spirit of friendship.

In this Advent season, there are three ways we invite you to help the poor:

• Ritter Bin. Until this Thursday, there is a bin from the Ritter center in the Narthex (the entrance to the church) which is collecting gifts for the homeless and precariously housed of all generations. Among the most helpful gifts are clothing for inclement weather. There’s a full list above the bin. Please don’t wrap your gifts.

• Caroling at San Rafael Health Care. This Sunday, after the 10am service, we will head over a few blocks to the San Rafael Health Care Center and sing Christmas Carols. A bi-weekly service we lead there is one of our five main Outreach opportunities through the year. Our children have been learning carols and will be leading us. They learned Little Drummer Boy this past Sunday.

• Christmas Cards to Death Row. We started this tradition three years ago and the men were just blown away. Several said they had never received so many cards in their whole life. There’s a station in Duncan Hall with cards and addresses. Or you can email me at and I’ll send you their addresses and brief description of each of the nine men we visit.

Two final notes. First, we have gorgeous cards with a lush picture of the inside of our church. Packs of 8 are available for $20.

Second, Christmas Eve is on a Sunday. This means that we will only have one Sunday morning service that day, at 8am.

The evening services are at 5pm and 11pm. Children are welcome at 4:30pm to help decorate the creche scene. All are welcome at 10:30pm for a choir concert before the later service.
Christmas Day the service is at 10am followed by the pot luck feast Chloe and I always host in Duncan Hall.

p: (415) 456-4842