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Hello –
This Sunday, after the 10am service, the Vestry, which is our board of directors, will be serving all of us a delicious brunch. There will be champagne and other delightful things to drink.

The original inspiration for this new brunch was our Stewardship campaign. We give because we are grateful and we thought it very worthy to celebrate the gratitude that invites us all into generosity.

But it quickly became apparent we have two things more to be grateful for as a community. We just blessed the new Hardin Courtyard with prayers and sprinkling of water. This Sunday, we’re going to do the same thing with all the beautiful interior work, including the offices, the Upper Room, the bathrooms and the stunning new decorations in Duncan Hall.

In addition, as we complete our six months of renovation work, we have four leaders who deserve our thanks. We will be showing our appreciation to Pat, Steve, Larry and Keatin.

So, fill out your pledge cards this week. Some on Sunday and join us for the brunch celebrating gratitude.

Two more little invitations. Two of our ongoing classes are about to shift to new topics, which is the perfect time to join.

• In our Sunday Spiritual Forum at 9am we are about to start reading aloud 9 short poems by two great Christian poets, John Donne and George Herbert. Each poem will be accompanied by 2 or 3 pages of commentary by a master teacher, which we will also read aloud. You can jump in at any time.

• Our Wednesday Bible Study is taking the week off next week, November 8th. When we return on the 15th we will begin to study the gospel of Luke. Again, you are welcome to join this lively conversation.

In both the Forum and the Bible Study no previous knowledge or experience is expected.

p: (415) 456-4842