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For Our Good

Hello –

After this Sunday, we shift fully to the season of Advent when we are invited to prepare our hearts and so make room for Jesus. As we approach this shift in church season, I ask you, if you haven’t already, to take care of one last piece of important business. Please pledge.

There are two reasons for this. One is the obvious one that, without your financial resources, we can’t be the community we are and can’t do the work in the world that we’re called to do. Remember that at least 5%, sometimes as much as 10% of every pledge goes right into our Outreach fund.

The other is that it’s good for your soul. Jesus teaches on money more than just about anything else. Jesus knows that how we spend our money is an accurate reflection of what we love. Loving God, loving community and loving the poor are three things your money expresses when you pelage or give generously to St. Paul’s.

Thank you already for being a part of our larger community. Please consider taking that next step and filling out a pledge card that lets us know how much of your money you will be sharing with us next year. I believe when we share, it is for our good.

p: (415) 456-4842