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Strengthen Your Spiritual Core – Saturday September 12, 2015

PrintStrengthen Your Spiritual Core – How to Grow Spiritually Strong in Today’s Secular Age

Four Saturday Sessions, 9am – Noon:
9/12, 9/26, 10/10 & 10/24

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Duncan Hall
1123 Court St. San Rafael, CA 94901
415.456.4842 ŸŸ•

Seven out of ten people in Marin County have no affiliation with any religious community. There is little context or support for this type of community. So when we feel a nudge from God or yearn for a higher sense of purpose in life beyond self-satisfaction in the over plugged-in world, we need extra help.

This four-part series provides that help. It will give you the tools you need to grow spiritually strong. Similar to coaching from a physical trainer, these three-hour sessions offer coaching from a spiritual trainer.

$20 suggested donation per session

Over the course of four Saturday sessions you will receive:
• A timeline and a map that orients you so you know where we are in this secular age, how we got here and where we’re going.
• A proven, time-tested way of being in a small group that offers just the right mix of support and challenge to help you grow spiritually strong.
• A four-stage spiritual itinerary that lays out a lifelong path for you. It’s an ancient way, developed and lived by some of the greatest saints in history.
• Stories and experiences of friendship with the poor, one of the ways we each can heal some of the broken places in our communities.

For questions or more information, please email or call 415.456.4842

christopherblue450Building your Spiritual Core is led by Christopher H. Martin, a rector, a reformer and a writer. For the last 11 years he has been the rector, or head priest, of St. Paul’s, San Rafael, a thriving multigenerational community with a strong tradition of friendship with the poor in Marin. He is the founder of The Restoration Project, a national reform movement to restore effective spiritual practices. He is the author of The Restoration Project: A Benedictine Path to Wisdom, Strength and Love, recently published by Forward Movement. He was educated at Yale University and lives with his wife and two sons in San Anselmo, CA.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church •Ÿ 1123 Court St. San Rafael, CA •Ÿ 415.456.4842 Ÿ•

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