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Free Harpsichord Concert at St. Paul’s July 11

Vibeka Lyman is a Bay Area harpsichordist who graduated with a
bachelor’s degree from Mills College and has studied with several
international and local performers. Her first harpsichord teacher was
Laurette Goldberg, then Katherine R. Perl, Olivier Baumont, Davitt
Moroney and Bibiane Lapointe. She spent some time living in France
where she studied privately and audited classes at the Conservatoire
Boulogne Billancourt.

She enjoys living in the Bay Area and making this her home base.
However, she wishes to continue traveling and performing. Right now,
she is in the application process for the Baroque Festival of Bolivia
and she has invitations to perform in Paris and Bangkok. This recital
at St. Paul’s is the beginning of several concerts entitled, “The
Leaves Bee Greene.” The name is taken from a piece written by William
Inglot during the Elizabethan era and is a favorite of Ms. Lyman’s.
The evening will begin with a brief talk connecting Baroque and
Renaissance music with her perception of world peace. Vibeka has
spent several years as a social justice organizer and feels there is a
connection between creating a more peaceful world, and filling it with

Come enjoy a beautiful night of early music and witness the unique
interpretation of a woman who wants to bring the world closer through
the magic of harpsichord.

Donations graciously accepted

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