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Courtyard Update From Pat Curtis

The Hardin Courtyard is finished except for the plaque and dedication ceremony. It truly sparkles with Generosity, Community and Stewardship. We all generously contributed to SPRIF III. We participated in community meetings to share our ideas. We all demonstrated that we cared deeply about St. Paul’s and wanted it to serve our community for years to come.

Larry and I worked with many skilled artisans who made this courtyard what it is. They all took great pride in the work they were doing for St. Paul’s. They wanted to do it well and right. We have the signature of each of them which we will include on the Duncan Hall picture display wall we’re putting together.

Mark your calendar for The Dedication which is Sunday, October 22. As part of the ceremony, Bruce Burtch will take a picture from on high of the People of St. Paul’s in the Hardin Courtyard. Wear something colorful. It will be a great occasion!

189 pictures of the project from beginning to end can be found HERE.

Summary of Actual Costs
Black Diamond Pavers and Lighting $107,590
Parking meters, ADA signs, locks 1,840
Handrails, Fences and Moving Fences 41,833
Subtotal $151,263

Irrigation system and Labor $ 23,622
Plants 2,144
Hardin Stone & Bluestone 1,847
Benches/chairs 1,942
Subtotal $ 29,555

Grand Total: $180,818
(We estimated $160,000)

Actual was greater because we included the following work:
Moved the fence to increase the size of the parking lot and the Redwood Garden area.
Installed new, safe handrails to Duncan Hall and the Education Building.
Installed New Drip Irrigation System for the entire Courtyard. Approximate cost: $10,000.
Cleaned up, pruned, mulched entire Courtyard.