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Bible Study: Ezekiel

We will do the same for EZEKIEL on Wednesday, May 21st starting at 10am. Like the book of Revelation in the New Testament, Ezekiel is filled with strange and powerful visions. I’m looking forward to hearing these visions read aloud with my eyes closed and trying to picture them in my imagination. Again, you can come only for the experience or choose to stay through the summer as we read slowly.
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Parish Outing at San Rafael Pacifics Baseball

On Sunday 8/24 at 1pm we are going to have a parish outing to the San Rafael Pacifics. If you haven’t been it’s a great way to enjoy a baseball game, right in our own backyard. Tickets will range from $9-$11 depending on how many of us attend. If you would like to go, please […]

St. Paul’s Book Club: Breaking Night by Liz Murray

St. Paul’s Book Club will meet on Friday, Aug 15th at 7 p.m. in Duncan Hall.  We will be discussing the book, Breaking Night  by Liz Murray.  This is a story about what drug abuse does to a family and how the author overcame her background to become a Harvard graduate. Facebook Event:

Book Reading – The Restoration Project: A Benedictine Path to Wisdom, Strength and Love

The Reverend Christopher H. Martin, author, will be giving a reading on Saturday June 28th, at Book Passage in Corte Madera. The free reading will be followed by Q&A and conversation. Books will be available for purchase at Boo Passage or you may purchase the book in advance from Forward Movement.  About the book: The Restoration Project ($15.00) explores […]

Angelus in Concert: Sacred Music for Women’s Voices

Angelus ACDA PicComprised of six young women from the Mt. Vernon Senior High School Fine Arts Academy (Mt. Vernon, IN), the members of Angelus have dedicated themselves to the performance of the sacred music of varied religious traditions and historical periods. Featuring music ranging from medieval chant and polyphony to contemporary Irish choral music and the American Sacred Harp tradition. Free. See more info on the Facebook Event.

Reading John Aloud

And the same for JOHN on Thursday, May 22nd starting at 6:15pm. This is perhaps the other of the two greatest books of the Bible. Of the four Gospels it is sometimes called the ‘spiritual gospel,’ perhaps because of the poetic yet strangely earthy way it tells the story of Jesus.
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Reading Romans Aloud

ROMANS is perhaps one of the two greatest books in the Bible. On Tuesday, May 20th at 12:30pm we will begin to read the book out loud. We will meet for an hour. The experience of hearing a whole book read aloud is revelatory. These texts were originally written to be heard- remember that very few people could read back then! Simply listening to whole books of scripture read aloud awakens a dormant part of our imagination and activates powerful feelings and thoughts. Come for the experience of hearing the book read aloud. If you wish, you can continue to come through the summer as we slowly study the book in depth.
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