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Christmas Outreach Plus

Hello –

December bears two strong and contradictory messages. The church asks us to be still and keep watch. (Jesus is coming!) Culture and family life tends to ramp up to a high pitch.

At St. Paul’s, I want to largely simplify our messages this month to Isaiah and Outreach.

Isaiah. This book gives us many of our most beloved images and language for Jesus, including from Handel’s Messiah and the O Antiphons. I will focus my preaching and teaching on this great book.

Outreach. There are three opportunities for you.

• Bin for Ritter. In the Narthex, the entrance to the church, is a bin that stands ready to receive gifts for he homeless and precariously housed. Above it stands a list of suggested gifts, such as outdoor clothing.

• Sing for San Rafael Health Care. On Sunday, December 17th join our annual trip caroling right after the 10am service. It’s just a few blocks away. Our children have been learning carols and will lead us.

• Death Row Cards. Once again, there will be cards for you to send to our brothers on Death Row as well as addresses in Duncan Hall.

Finally, two other notes. First, I shared with you last week that we have been offered a $10,000 matching grant to cover extra expenses from the Hardin Courtyard. I’m pleased to report that we have already been given or had pledged $7,225! Please keep the gifts coming!

Also, we have created beautiful cards with a warm and compelling picture of the inside of our church. Packs of 8 are for sale for a super new price to be determined soon so come Sunday and get your set!

p: (415) 456-4842