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Becoming Both Beggars and Gentry

Hello – My most heartfelt prayer right now is that as many of you as possible become involved in next week’s Retreat. Why? Because I believe that the PrayWorshipServe Retreat is the beginning of the next chapter of our life together. I believe this for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is that everyone […]

4 Recommended Practices for Lent

Hello – Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Christian season of Lent. Lent is 40 days where we prepare ourselves for Holy Week and Easter. In imitation of Jesus, who went to the desert for 40 days before he began his public ministry, we are each invited to take on a practice for […]

Funeral, Lent, Retreat

Hello – Three things in the next three weeks: 1. Jay’s Funeral is this Saturday, the 10th, at 11am. Katie has requested that you wear a Hawaiian shirt. Lunch and a party to follow in Duncan Hall. 2. Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday, the 14th. Services are at 7:30am, Noon and 6:30pm. It’s also Valentine’s […]

We’re Hosting a Retreat in 3 Weeks!

Hello, Wow! What a great weekend to celebrate our 150th Anniversary! Well done, everyone! Now, take one deep breath and please shift your attention to the national Retreat we are hosting at St. Paul’s starting on Thursday, February 22nd, just over 3 weeks away. Please picture this: • John will have a team of you […]

A Celebratory Part 2

Hello – Yesterday I shared with you my enthusiasm for our Evensong. Today, I tell you I’m psyched for next Saturday night when we get to feast and party together! (Here’s the link!) In our part of the world, it is a big deal to be part of a healthy community that has been lively, […]

A Beautiful Part 1

Hello – Because my enthusiasm for next week’s events celebrating our 150th Anniversary knows no bounds, I want to take a whole email to share my excitement for the first of our three great events- Evensong. Way back in the days when we used to listen to CDs, I had a huge collection of Evensong […]

Evensong- Party- Bishop’s Blessing

Hello – We kick off the celebration of our 150th Anniversary next week with a triple whammy: 1. Evensong. On the Feast of St. Paul, Thursday, January 25th, we have Evensong at 7pm. Join Bishop Marc, our chancel choir and others in this beautiful treasure of Anglican worship. I’ve asked all the Episcopal Churches in […]

Sign Up for Rise Against Hunger

Hello – Next Sunday at 1pm, the 21st, we host Rise Against Hunger, an event we’re sharing with 3 other Episcopal Churches where together we package over 10,000 meals for the most hungry people on earth. Please sign up here if you would like to come. Last year, more people showed up than had signed up. The organizers […]

January at St. Paul’s

Hello – Today I offer a quick run down of January at St. Paul’s: 1/6  Saturday  11:30am- Funeral for Mandy Wick. 1/7  Sunday    10:00am- Christmas Pageant and Baptism. 1/21 Sunday    1:00pm- Rise Against Hunger. Here’s the link to sign up to help package 10,000 meals to be shipped to a place of greatest need. […]