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May at Nativity: Part Two

Hello – On Monday, work begins on the Hardin Courtyard. While the Preschool will continue to be on our campus, everything else moves up to Nativity Church at 333 Ellen Drive for the month of May. Last week, I shared with you the news that our shared worship services on Sundays will be at the […]

Our Three Easters

Hello – The first two of our three great services have been unusually powerful and well attended. Now, for the third and final act, you have three choices: 1. The Easter Vigil. Saturday at 7:30 pm. The most important service of the year. ‘Nuff said. 2. Easter Sunday 8am. Lots of the “A” word, no […]

The Great Three Days

Hello – The next three day are the great three days. I often write this email to you with an invitation for you to consider coming to something or participating in something. For what I write in this email, I simply don’t have words powerful enough to express my encouragement that you do everything you […]

Holy Week Begins

Hello – Sunday marks the beginning of the most important week of the Christian year. I can never say enough about all that you are invited to experience. Nor could I ever urge you strongly enough to set aside time and walk attentively besides Jesus as he humbly submits himself to the mighty acts of […]

Easter Flowers and Holy Week Schedule

Easter Flowers! We’ll be filling the Church windows and draping the Altar with flowers and greens on Saturday morning, April 15, in preparation for the Great Vigil and Easter Sunday. You’re more than welcome to join us! Your Altar Guild would also appreciate your donation for these flowers, especially given in memory of someone you […]

Looking Forward to May

Looking Forward to May Hello – I’m looking forward to May. Now, you may say to yourself, “Christopher, that’s crazy! I understand why you might look forward to April, because that’s when we celebrate the mighty acts by which we were saved. I understand why you might look forward to June, because by then the […]

Quick Hits

Hello – A brief rundown of important things to know at St. Paul’s: • The Psalm-athon begins tomorrow, Saturday, at 2pm at Redeemer on Knight Drive in Glenwood. • On Sunday, from 11:30am to 12:30pm, Chloe, Mike Struck and I will help you create a good first draft of your own funeral plans, a great […]

Psalm-athon this Saturday

Hello – An ancient Christian practice is to read the entire Psalter, all 150 psalms, at one time. I first heard about the practice in an account of Little Gidding, which was a small community of devoted Christian families in England in the 17th century. They would start reading the psalms after Compline, at night, […]

Fasting From Contempt

Hello – I’m now two weeks into my Lenten discipline of fasting from contempt. I’ve just gone back to the article that inspired me, a column in the New York Times by philosopher Karen Stohr, and I am only more convinced by both the timeliness and the difficulty of this discipline. I commend the article […]