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Campus Improvements Continue

Campus Improvements Continue

Hello –

Don’t worry! This season of many campus improvements will soon come to an end! Remember, we are pursuing a great flurry of activity now so that we can enjoy and share our revived campus next year, the year of our 150th.

In the meantime….

• The Hardin Courtyard is nearly complete. All that remains is to put “Hardin Courtyard 2017” on the rock and then have a Sunday where we celebrate and bless the new courtyard. This should happen in the early fall. We’ll also be creating a permanent display for Duncan Hall.

• The downstairs bathrooms are currently being remodeled. It will probably take at least another ten days to complete the project, which has revealed some deeper work that need to be done. In the meantime, please use either the remodeled bathroom next to the Upper Room or the bathrooms on the second floor of the education wing.

• The Parking Lot surface is scheduled to be replaced starting on Monday, August 21st. It should take through Friday, during which time we must park on the street. We won’t be having Bible Studies or St. Anne’s that week, at least.

• The Vestry also approved repainting the exterior of much of our buildings and attending to some much needed roof work. These are not yet scheduled, but should be less disruptive than the courtyard, the bathrooms or the parking lot.

These projects are, by far, the greatest investment we have made in our campus in my thirteen years here and probably in decades. These aren’t extra luxuries. Having a secure, beautiful, warm and welcoming campus is essential for our Christian work together. In a world going increasingly virtual we remain stubbornly incarnational. We follow the one who was the Word made flesh and dwelt among us, so being together, in person, is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Come and revel in our increasingly beautiful campus.


p: (415) 456-4842