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Brief Updates

Hello Everyone –

Five things:

• The new parking lot is complete but, in order to let it harden, will not be usable until Monday. The work on the downstairs bathrooms will take another week, and our various other design upgrades are almost, but not quite complete. Thanks for your patience!

• I already have three folks signed up for Basic Discipleship and will soon open things up to other Christians in Marin, so let me know soon if Thursday at 2pm, Saturday at 8am or Sunday at 12pm are times you would like to commit to.

• Wednesday 10am Bible Study starts next week, Thursday at 6:15 starts in September.

• The book study of Politics of Virtue is Tuesday, September 5th at 7pm. I have the first two chapters as a PDF if you’d like to give it a try. Email me at

• Bring in your used books to support the St. Anne’s Book Sale!

I look forward to what I believe will be a super fall at St. Paul’s with you.


p: (415) 456-4842