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A Celebratory Part 2

Hello –

Yesterday I shared with you my enthusiasm for our Evensong. Today, I tell you I’m psyched for next Saturday night when we get to feast and party together! (Here’s the link!)

In our part of the world, it is a big deal to be part of a healthy community that has been lively, loving and faithful for 150 years. Next Saturday, the 27th, we celebrate us. Right now, we are a strong community taking good care of a campus of hospitality crowned with a gorgeous sacred space. We have a rich story to tell of our history and a bright future before us.

It has been a wonder to me to watch the team of good people who are hosting this party. They have worked hard to offer an event filled with creativity, joy, music, good food and even better company. Like the Wine and the Spirit parties of previous years, next Saturday’s event will be a milestone in the life of our community.

Get yourself to the Key Room of Homeward Bound in Novato next Saturday, the 27th at 6pm. Here’s the link again to get your tickets now. Email me directly if you need help with the money. I’ve had three offers to pay for folks for whom it’s a stretch, so don’t let the money hold you back. Your presence is priceless to us.

Tomorrow, I share with you the Blessing of Bishop Marc’s visit the next day. Wow, what a trinity of great events!

See you next Saturday.

p: (415) 456-4842