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Welcome to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, San Rafael

Our Mission: Follow Jesus together in Prayer, Worship and Service

News From Christopher


Good Deep Progress

Hello – There are a series of conversations going on right now at St. Paul’s each of which represent the slow, good, deep progress of St. Paul’s to greater health, strength and clarity. • The Hardin Courtyard. Thanks particularly to hard work by Larry and Pat, we are just weeks away from taking plans to […]

News from the Kids’ Program


News from Kati: Music Sundays, Potluck, Family Sunday, Discipleship Group

This Sunday is Music Sunday School with Libby. After the Collect, the children will follow Libby out to Duncan Hall where they will learn new songs and practice old ones. After church, the children, families and other parishioners are welcome to join Libby at 5th Ave to bring some joyful song to the residents. Following […]

History Corner by Joy Moss

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