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Welcome to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, San Rafael

Our Mission: Follow Jesus together in Prayer, Worship and Service

News From Christopher


September Overview

Hello – The rhythm of the year at St. Paul’s is like the way school years used to be. We slow down for the summer just after Memorial Day and we ramp up again after Labor Day. September features a series of start-ups and events that launch us into a strong year together. This email […]

News from the Kids’ Program


Happy Summer, St. Paul’s!

What a great year we had – so many memories, so much learned. Thank you for all your support as Tenesa and I made the transition. We have some great ideas for the Fall, from a choir program that may work better for more families to more Godly Play?! These are ideas that need some […]

History Corner by Joy Moss

Photo Courtesy of Marin History Museum / L-R  Louise, Mrs. Boyd, Seth and John

Seth and John Boyd

Leading up to St. Paul’s 150th anniversary, let’s take a look at some of the former church members. Looking around the church, there are many plaques that name former members of the congregation memorialized by their gifts to the glory of God and in remembrance of loved ones. The stained glass window on the left […]

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Sunday Sermons & Bulletins

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