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Welcome to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, San Rafael

Our Mission: Follow Jesus together in Prayer, Worship and Service

News From Christopher


Beginning of 3 Conversations

Hello – As I look back at the last month, I realized that my last three sermons crystalized three important conversations for our community. Below, I briefly sketch out what those conversations are. I hope at least one of them intrigues you. If so, all three sermons can be heard by going to the front […]

News from the Kids’ Program


The Latest from Kati

Last Sunday – Pentecost! – the Holy Spirit filled our church, our hearts and our voices. We were overflowing with children (and girl scouts!) and singing (so much singing!) If you missed it, a San Rafael Girl Scout Troop announced their Spaghetti Dinner this Sunday in Duncan Hall to raise money for Downtown Streets San […]

History Corner by Joy Moss


Helena Babcock

Leading up to St. Paul’s 150th anniversary, let’s take a look at some of the former church members. Looking around the church, there are many plaques that name former members of the congregation memorialized by their gifts to the glory of God and in remembrance of loved ones. On the left side of the church […]

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Pledged of $300,000 Goal

The amount shown above only reflects donations received via this website.
As of April 28, 2016 the total of all contributions and pledges is $169,880.
The grand total including unpaid pledges is $190,981.
Thank you!