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Andrew Pope Talbot

Leading up to St. Paul’s 150th anniversary, let’s take a look at some of the former church members.  Looking around the church we see many plaques that name former members of the congregation who are memorialized by their gifts to the glory of God and in remembrance of loved ones.

Our beautiful altar as well as the brass candlesticks are the gifts of Mrs. Alice Talbot.

She also gave the standing candlesticks that are presently in Duncan Hall. The altar, constructed of golden oak and the standing candlesticks are given in memory of her mother and father, Helen Maud Burton and George Ball Burton .  The plaque on the altar  memorializes them with the quote, “The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God”.

The brass candlesticks on the altar are in memory of her husband, Andrew Pope Talbot, pictured above, who died in 1901.

Alice Burton married Andrew Pope Talbot in 1891 in Rhode Island.  The couple moved to San Francisco where Andrew joined the family firm of Pope and Talbot, a wholesale lumber business who were also involved in shipping.  This business was quite successful.  A book, written in 1949 details the history of Pope and Talbot.  The title is

“Time, Tide and Timber: a Century of Pope and Talbot”.  Interestingly, it is written by Edwin T. Coman, Jr.  the son of a prominent member of St. Paul’s.

Alice lived in San Francisco until her husband died in 1901.  She moved to San Rafael with her son, Andrew Burton Talbot and they lived at 526 Belle.  Alice was an active member of St. Paul’s and involved in many charitable organizations.   Her son preceded her in death dying in January, 1938.  Alice died in August of 1938 and her funeral was held at St. Paul’s.  She was survived by her granddaughter, Lorna Talbot and her grandson, Andrew Burton Talbot, Jr.

~ By Joy Moss